What she said...

What’s in a name…

Isn’t it funny the importance of a name? It is said that if you name something, you have power over it. So is it about control? Is it about exploration, or is it the realization–final manifestation–of an idea, concept, baby, blog. Hmmm… thinking as I write here.

My original intention was to write about the name of this blog. I am forever questing after the mystery. Why, mamma? How does it work? What makes me tick, who is god, what is magick? There is a boundary between the world as we know it, and the one in which the mystery lies. I personally think that this boundary, this Hedge, is a self imposed limit that we create to function without bounding weightless into the Netherworlds and coming apart at the seams. It’s dark out there in the unknown. Beyond the Hedge there be Dragons.

So, to be more specific, I am constantly looking for the dragons that haunt my psyche and I need the hedges to keep me safe.

But I have also discovered that there are many wondrous things over “there”, beauty that can not be contained, spirit and Spirit, god, goddess, ancestors…you get my drift. Those things that make life worth living, and keep us moving toward the light. And that brings me to the Wycket, a small doorway in a hedge; an Alice in Wonderland gateway that requires a certain amount of work to gain access to.

What’s in a name? I suppose in this case, it is a tether that brings my focus back to center. Exploring those realms and searching for the treasure of understanding and wisdom, and bringing a little bit of magick back with me. It’s an adventure, and I really want an adventure right now!